Stormwater Management Services:


All new construction projects must be evaluated for compliance with the Post-Construction Stormwater Requirements, which obligates projects to treat stormwater discharges and retain stormwater on-site. North Coast Engineering staff is well-versed in these agency requirements and has completed numerous design projects with compliance objectives.

In 2013, North Coast Engineering was selected to work with the City of Atascadero to design the completion of the Charles Paddock Zoo parking lot. The project was to be a demonstration project, to display different methods of compliance in a public setting. The stormwater mitigation systems included bioswales, biofiltration areas, permeable paver sections, and overflow systems. Interpretive signs developed by the Low-Impact Development Initiative (LIDI) were installed to educate the public on the benefits of these landscape and pavement systems. North Coast Engineering staff is well-versed in the requirements of the Construction General Permit and the preparation of Storm Water


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Pollution Prevention Plans. We provide full-service to our clients and lead them through the process of obtaining this permit coverage. Support is also available through construction via our Qualified SWPPP Practitioner services, concluding with the support of our staff to close the permit by filing a Notice of Termination with the State Water Board.

To best service our clients, our full-service offerings for National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) compliance includes:

  • Risk level assessment
  • Erosivity waivers, if applicable
  • Preparation of the SWPPP
  • Preparation of the Water Pollution Control Drawings
  • Identification of stormwater monitoring locations and points of interest
  • Identification of run-on locations for potential off-site contributors
  • Assistance to clients for SMART System enrollment
  • Assistance with filing the Notice of Intent
  • Compilation of the final SWPPP for the field
  • Contractor training
  • Weekly/monthly site observation
  • Wet-season reporting
    • Rain Event Action Plans
    • Pre-Rain Event site observation
    • During Rain Event site observation
    • Post-Rain Event site observation
  • Coordination with contractors and clients for on-going compliance efforts
  • Preparation of the Annual Report
  • Preparation of the Notice of Termination