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Atascadero Zoo Green Parking Lot (Atascadero)

paso robles surveyorThe Atascadero Zoo Green Parking Lot Project objectives were to design and install a green parking lot to enhance the Zoo’s character, protect water quality and provide an example of green infrastructure in Atascadero. The 30% drawing design concept was prepared in coordination between the City of Atascadero and Low Impact Design Initiative (LIDI). North Coast Engineering coordinated with the City, LIDI, Geotechnical Engineer, Landscape Architect and Electrical Engineer to prepare the 75%, 95% and 100% documents, including specifications and probable cost estimates.

The project construction area is approximately 41,000 square feet, which includes predominantly unimproved (hard pack) surface and some asphalt parking area in the existing condition. The site runoff ponds in the existing condition prior to draining into the Atascadero Creek, a trout-bearing stream.

The project area was previously used for overflow parking by Zoo and Park visitors. The parking lot design was constrained by existing improvements along all four edges. Project design included evaluation and modification of the 30% design site plan with consideration for the most cost-effective match points and intended “green” nature of the project design parameters, such as permeable pavers, passive landscape, bioretention stormwater facilities, use of LIDI details, and review and analysis of the drainage management areas (DMAs) associated with each water quality treatment component.

zooAs the design team project coordinator, North Coast Engineering also maintained the aggressive project schedule requirements, to maintain grant funding, coordinating with all parties involved to submit 100% drawings in less than two months. North Coast Engineering was also retained for construction services.



NCE Services included:

  • Project Coordination and Scheduling
  • Site Layout Design Analysis
  • Turning Movement Analysis
  • Grading & Drainage (implementing “Green” design parameters)
  • Utility Coordination
  • Hydraulic and Hydrological Analysis
  • Storm Water Control Plan (Post Construction Stormwater Design & Analysis Reporting)
  • Water Pollution Control Drawings
  • Special Provisions
  • Opinion of Probable Cost Estimate & Bid List
  • Construction Inspection and Staking


Size of Project:

Approximately 41,000 SF

Construction Cost: $440,000

Completion Year: 2013

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