Mullahey Dodge

A 29,907 square foot facility was built on the north east corner of Golden Hill Road and Tractor Street of Paso Robles. Parking was designed with 24 service stalls, 2 wash and detail bays, and approximately 120 parking stalls. In addition to the paved parking, room for 152 additional parked cars was provided. To satisfy the California Green Building code requirements, the building was built as a state of the art, energy efficient building. An on-site retention basin was also included in the project to mitigate the 100 year 10 hour storm.


NCE Design Services included:

·       Low impact grading and drainage design

·       SWPPP services

·       Stormwater Control Plan

·       Public street improvements

·       Project coordination with other consultants

·       Permitting

·       Utility coordination

Size of Project: Approx. 3.6 acres

Completion Year: 2014

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