South Perimeter Road Cul-de-sac and Pedestrian Mall

This project involved the demolition of 350 linear feet of South Perimeter Road, the construction of a Cul-de-sac and the extension of the South Perimeter Plaza pedestrian mall. NCE provided preliminary planning services for this project, and completed final contract documents including topographic surveys, roadway, grading and utility design. Additional services included construction staking, contract administration and review of product submittals. The project included the design of a cul-de-sac to allow truck turning and provide access to the adjacent dining facilities loading dock and parking lot.




The project also included a 150’ extension of the pedestrian mall which limited vehicular access to the connecting streets to emergency and maintenance vehicles, and is part of the University’s efforts to provide a pedestrian friendly campus. Part of the pedestrian mall design included the addition of a french drain system under the concrete pavers to eliminate a weeping problem from the previous installation. The project was constructed in conjunction with the Cal Poly Recreation Center Project.


Size of Project:

Approximately 0.5 Acres

Construction Cost: $400,000

Completion Year: 2011


General Contractor:

Sundt Construction

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