Union Road Bike Lanes: Kleck Road to Montebello Oaks Drive (Paso Robles)

Client: City of El Paso de Robles
Location:  Atascadero, CA

This project involved the complete reconstruction, widening and lowering of Union Road, a primary City of Paso Robles arterial, from Kleck Road to Montebello Oaks Drive, approximately a 0.9 mile section. The profile of the road was lowered at the intersection of Walnut Drive to achieve the appropriate sight distance. A number of utilities including a 12” water main required relocation due to the change in the profile of the road. NCE provided preliminary planning services for this project, and completed final contract documents including topographic surveys, right of way survey, roadway and drainage design, 12” water main relocation and dry utility coordination. NCE provided complete construction management, including construction staking, contract administration, and daily observation. The project included the addition of a sidewalk along the north side to provide pedestrian circulation, the installation of a 16’ retaining wall to accommodate the new profile and Class II bike lanes and relocation of dry utilities. The project also added a right turn lane at Union Road and Golden Hill Road intersection. Approximately 1,000 linear feet of surface rehabilitation was added to the scope of work during construction. An aggressive erosion control program was implemented to reduce potential site erosion and discharge to the sensitive downstream habitat areas. The project was prepared utilizing State of California Standard Plans and Specifications, along with City Standards and standard drawings.


NCE services included:

·       Preliminary Planning

·       Topographic Survey

·       Site Layout and Planning

·       Utility Design and Coordination

·       Hydraulic and Hydrological Analysis

·       Demo Plan Preparation

·       Class II Bike Path Design

·       1,000’ of 12” Water Main Relocation

·       Right of Way Survey

·       Final Contract Documents

·       Construction Staking

·       Construction Observations

·       Construction Engineering

·       Contract Administration and Bid Assistance

·       Coordination with Utility Companies

·       Retaining Wall Design (3-12’ high)


Size of Project:

Approximately 0.9 mile

Construction Cost: $2,200,000

Completion:   July 2015


General Contractor:

G. Sosa Construction, Inc.

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