North Coast Engineering had the pleasure to be a part of the design team for the City of Atascadero for their pavement rehabilitation project along El Camino Real and San Anselmo East Road in Atascadero. Last Wednesday (October 10th, 2018) North Coast Engineering visited the construction site to observe the Cold In-Place Recycling process along El Camino Real. Check out some of the photos below and enjoy the smoother ride.

The Cold In-Place Recycling method allows the existing asphalt surface to be removed and reused with one train of machines. The train includes machines that mills existing pavement, crushes RAP, mixes recycling agent, re-paves, compacts and readies for surface treatment. There are many benefits to implementing Cold In-Place Recycling including lower user delays, eliminates over 70% or more of construction truck traffic and reduction in working days to name a few.